Are you interested in helping us?

There are 3 ways that we could use your help with our show...

  1. Help us advertise for our show!-We could use your help passing out our Flyer. Click Here
    -You can also send people to this website so they can learn more about us.

  2. Make A Donation to our cause!Click Here for Sponsorship Benefits-Goods can be donated and will be auctioned off during our silent auction.
    -Services can be donated and used depending on each donation.
    -Monetary donations can be given if you Click Here

    **** All donations go through Vicki Kitchens who can be reached at (720)851-1013****

  3. Help make our show run smoother by Voluteering your time!-You can volunteer your time by helping us in many different ways.

    ****Please contact Vicki Kitchens at (720)851-1013 if you are interested in volunteering.****