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About Jesse Kitchens

People that knew Jesse would describe him in many different ways, but the description that would pop up the most would be “Big Hearted.” He was always doing something for someone else, whether that be volunteering to feed the homeless or going on missions trips. When he wasn’t helping others he spent his time in the technology lab at Elizabeth High School. Jesse was a very active and dedicated technology student and TSA member. He lived, breathed and slept anything and everything related to technology and TSA. He competed at both the state and national level where he won several medals for his projects. Jesse also loved cars, he dreamed of owning a silver with black racing strips 1970 Chevelle SS like the one his father had growing up. It wasn’t hard to come up with this idea to honor Jesse. A car show to help TSA Students…. PERFECT!!! God Bless you Jesse.

Here is a picture of Jesse holding up Mr. Taylor at his national competition. Jesse spent the majority of his free time in the Elizabeth High School technology classroom building projects with his brother. Throughout his high school years he grew very close with Mr. Taylor, the technology teacher. This picture is a great example of the fun they had together.

Here is a video of Jesse's favorite project of all time and by the video you will probably be able to tell how great it did.